Our fixed wing drones stands for endurance, stability, robustness, and safety

Smartplanes NXT is a new C1 classified Swedish fixed wing drone



Multifunction drone for:
• Mapping and 3D measurement
• Reconnaissance, search and rescue operations
• Forestry and precision agriculture
• Inspection and monitoring of management infrastructure
• A platform that can be adapted to specific features
• C1 class may be flown in open category 1 (Weight impact energy, geoconsciousness, remote identity)
• Very long range (4G)
• Robust and durable
• Complete service agreement
• A platform that can be adapted to specific features


•EU class C1 for open category A1
•Dimensions: Span 85 cm, length 52 cm, height 12 cm
•Total weight: 0.89 kg (measuring camera and standard battery).
•Up to 1.1 kg with high-capacity battery and LTE connection.
•Cruising speed 16 m / s (60 km / h)
•Maximum speed 30 m / s (110 km / h)
•Maximum 19 m / s speed above ground during automatic flight according to category A1.
•Stable speed 8.7 m / s (30 km / h)
•Operating time: 1.2 hours with normal battery (11.1V, 3.6Ah)
•Up to 2.5 hours with high capacity battery (14.4V, 7Ah)

Basic equipment

Bag for storage and transport
2 standard batteries 11.1V, 3.6 Ah
Battery charger for parallel charging of 2 batteries
Field repair kit with spare parts, tools and consumables

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