Customized Solutions

In collaboration with our customers, we develop complete drone systems adapted to the customer’s needs.

A view from the sky changes everything!

Fixed wing drones are used to survey big geographic areas to collect data with excellent precision. Not only efficient and sustainable from an environmental point of view, it’s also safe for the user.


You know what your needs are. We know how to adapt the drone. By adapting the drone to what is required for the task, the work becomes more efficient. We have the systems, the sensors, cameras and above all, the expertise. Contact us and we will tailor your drone together with you.


The system consists of three central components: the drone, all the required software and accessories, and support services. The system can be complemented with additional components to enable even more mission types, using the same software. 


We keep in touch with our customers. We offer support agreements, training and even user meetings. We want our drones to develop at the same pace as the tasks changes and expands. You as a customer are important to us.

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