We develop drones that do good

We develop high-quality and state-of-the-art commercial drones for aerial mapping, surveying, remote sensing and surveillance. Drones that deliver precise results in an efficient and safe way. Drones that do good.

We stay in close contact with our customers after their purchase. We do this because it’s vital for them to be able to rely on the system and our support. We support them in the production of photogrammetric products in close co-operation with leaders in the field, and by continuously improving the system in innovative ways. This is what we work with every day.

Mikael Brunnström, CEO



We founded SmartPlanes to address the need to accurately map crops, mining sites, quarries, forests, construction sites etc. To successfully address these needs, we believe a system is required that is both complex and at the same time easy to use for the non-specialist. The system has to work in realworld conditions and produce results that are useful for the intended application. We are, to sum it up, building drones that do good. And our drones have proven to fulfil the expectations of our customers all over the world.

SmartPlanes AB was founded in 2005. We emerged from the Remote Sensing Laboratory at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå where the founders worked with applied research in forest inventory and remote sensing. Today, we are based in Skellefteå in northern Sweden.

SmartPlanes is owned by the founders, private investors, ALMI and Inlandsinnovation.

Let’s talk about drones

Today we are talking about drones, but over the years our products have been called many different things. Originally, we used the word UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for our drones. Later we discovered the benefits of pointing out that they are more than just vehicles, namely complete systems. We then started using the term UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System). However, that term hid the fact that there is always a responsible pilot involved, something that changed the way we talked about our drones yet again. That’s why we started using another acronym: RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems). Since then, the world has slowly taken to calling these types of aircraft systems drones, the word we use to describe our products today.





At Smartplanes, we are committed to doing everything with the highest precision, and we want you to experience this when using our drones. We always strive to get as close as possible to the absolute. This ambition has made our drones able to deliver precise measurements to clients all over the world, no matter the circumstances.



We want everything that our system offers – hardware, software, and services – to be completely reliable. As a result we have close contact with customers and retailers all over the world. The reliability also finds its way straight into our drones, making them work no matter the conditions. Rookie pilots usually appreciate the toughness and durability of the drones, and the possibility to get a helping hand from us should one be needed.



Safety is always a priority for us. We work hard to make you as a customer feel safe both before and after a purchase. That’s why we have made our support and service offer as strong as possible. If you purchase one of our drones, that is just the beginning of a long relationship. When your drone is in the air, our focus on safety becomes even more evident – we want you to feel safe when the drone is up there, working. Thanks to the smart design of our drones they can work where many drones cannot.





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