Freya 2.0

Our fixed wing drones stands for endurance, stability, robustness and safety

Freya 2.0 deliver precise measurements to clients all over the world, no matter the circumstances.


A complete system

Freya 2.0 consists of three central components: the drone, all the required software and accessories, and support services. The system can be complemented with additional components to enable even more mission types, using the same software.

What is included

  • SmartPlane Freya 2.0
  • Ground Control Station software and ground radio modem
  • R/C radio transmitter for flying in assisted mode
  • Spare parts and field repair kit
  • Support services
  • Digital camera customized for aerial mapping,Ricoh GR, 16.2MP with large APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Advanced photogrammetric software – customized for your needs


Freya 2.0 can travel at around 50 Kilometers (31 Miles) per hour for 1 hour and 40 minutes, which means 70 km (44 Miles) of range. This is outstanding for a hand-launched micro drone compared to other multirotors or fixed-wing drones in the market. Freya is completely autonomous and will perform its mission and land on its own after being launched.

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