Transform your surveying business using modern drone technology

It is a known fact that moving from using traditional surveying techniques to using fixed wing drones will increase productivity with as much as 800%. The possibilities are endless once you start to produce value using this technology. Not only can you deliver the data you have always produced for your customers, but you can take on new projects that were too complex or hazardous before.

This whitepaper will help you as a surveyor address the needs that arise from an increasing demand for accurate and relevant GIS data by suggesting new, faster, and safer methods for data collection. You will get a complete orientation of how a drone could impact your company and your strategy.

The document covers:

  • Benefits of using modern drone technology, from a business perspective
  • Comparison between the result achieved by traditional methods and drone technology related surveying
  • Ways to provide added value to your customers by using drones

Download the white paper here!

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