Rapid Aerial Assessment of Forest Windblow

The objective of this assessment was to provide an overview of the extent of windblow and windsnap at Rivox Forest and creating a mosaic to aid planning of remedial harvesting with information to operators on access, complexity and direct of windblown stems.

Due to the steep terrain, limited access, and difficult visibility over the site accurate assessment of windblow was impractical from a ground survey and an aerial survey was considered a more effective, accurate, faster and safer assessment of the area.

The assessment area was 49 ha, we did 4 flights to cover area and the mosaics were combined after processing to show total windblow area.

The outcomes was:

  • Rapid assessment of windblow.
  • Accurate view of extent of windblow.
  • Operator provided with a simple to interpret image to plan harvesting.
  • Safety benefits for windblow assessment and harvesting.
  • Improved harvesting efficiency thanks to accurate assessment of windblow and windsnap extent.

 Bill Jones, Forestry Commission, Scotland

See full image here!

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