Plan, fly, analyze – a complete system.



Proven through thousands of flight missions over the past few years our system has an amazing track record of reliability and quality. We offer much more than just a drone. The SmartPlanes system consists of three central components: the drone, all the required software and accessories, and support services. We offer pilot training and service for your drone to secure your success. Once you have gotten started with the system, you can purchase additional drones or components from us to expand your operation, using the same software. What’s included when you buy our system?



User friendly

Our drones are easy and fun to use thanks to a system developed in close co- operation with users from many different fields. From the moment you begin planning your mission to the moment you land, the experience is intuitive. You launch the drone by simply throwing it into the air and control it manually or let the autopilot fly for you. Plus, the easy-to-use mission planning software can be run on a standard android tablet. 


Right out of the box Smartplanes delivers everything you need to start working with your drone. Should you however wish to modify the system to your needs, that’s no problem. The payload bay of the drone has extra space if you would like to replace the original camera with other sensors, as an example you can add an additional smaller camera facing sideways. If you need assistance and tips on how to customize your drone, we’re always happy to help. 


The design of the SmartPlanes drone makes it completely safe to fly. We offer the option of auto-pilot assisted manual landing, which experienced operators can use to land with precision in tight areas. Furthermore, the drone produces a very low kinetic energy, has shock absorbing structures and an aft mounted propeller, all of which minimize the risk of personal injury or property damage.  Our system complies with strict aviation safety requirements and has received operational permits in Sweden and many other countries around the world. 

Easy to launch

Up for a spontaneous flight? Go where you want to fly, unpack your SmartPlanes drone and launch it in less than 10 minutes. Thanks to a smart design, the drone is easy to put together and to take apart once you’re done. With the intuitive flight planning software, it’s easy to set up your flight route on site. And remember, no intricate launch mechanism is needed to launch the drone – all you need is your arm. 

Flies further

The SmartPlanes drone can fly for over 50 minutes on a single battery charge. And since it’s so easy to switch batteries, all you need to do when it runs low on power is land, replace the battery and take off again. Several batteries are included when you buy the Smartplanes system, so you’ll always have a spare. 

Easy to transport

We’ve designed the Smartplanes system to be as flexible as possible. When you’re done flying, just take the drone apart and place it back in its box, remote controller and all. The elegant box can easily be carried by one person and fits in the trunk or back seat of any car. This excellent mobility makes the drone a joy to work with. 

Wind resistant

Sometimes, the weather just isn’t playing nice. Luckily, the SmartPlanes drone is designed to withstand winds of up to 13 m/s. This is thanks to our so-called strong wind mode, activated with the mere flick of a switch when the weather gets rough. 

Built to last

Despite the advanced technology inside the SmartPlanes drone, it is not in any way fragile. It has been designed to last many years of wear and tear. The flexible materials used in the shell of the drone will Absorb the impact forces, never breaking even if you fly into rock. The wings are flexible as well, covered with a tough skin that protects the wings when you land on rough ground. Don’t worry; the skin is also very easy to clean, keeping your drone in pristine condition year in and year out. 



Standard Package

SmartPlanes Freya drone

  • Ground Control Station software and ground radio modem (868, 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz)
  • R/C radio transmitter for flying in assisted mode
  • Digital camera customized for aerial mapping, Ricoh GR,  16.2MP with large APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Spare parts and field repair kit
  • Support services

Ricoh GR The Ricoh GR is equipped with a high-sensitivity, wide dynamic range APS-C large-size CMOS sensor for image quality equivalent to much larger DSLR cameras. With the cameras  fixed high-performance GR LENS 18.3mm F2.8(equivalent to 28mm in the 35mm format) and by making the camera low-pass filter-less,  the camera provides a clear depiction all the way to the edges of the image. By designing the sensor and lens to be mutually optimized, and inclusion of a large-format sensor, the GR achieves outstanding results in the following photogrammetric processing.

Advanced Package

  • Standard Package
  • Smart4D advanced photogrammetric  software, powered by Pix4D

Smart4D Smart4D is an advanced software powered by Pix4D that automatically processes your aerial imagery into orthomosaics, DSMs, DTMs, Point clouds and much more. Smart4D is only sold as a part of SmartPlanes Advanced Package. Follow this link to read more.



Ricoh GR NIR

This is a specially modified version of the Ricoh GR camera that can acquire image data also in the near infrared spectrum. It is designed for applications within the fields of precision agriculture and vegetation health monitoring. The spectral information can be used to compute the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and other spectral indices. The high resolution optics combined with a large (APS-C size) with very good signal to noise ratio makes it ideally suited for accurate measurement of spectral properties. It also features manual focus and exposure settings. Image data can be acquired in the uncompressed RAW format preserving the integrity of the radiometric data.


FLIR Vue Pro thermal camera

Designed for professional use, FLIR Vue Pro is more than a thermal camera, it is a thermal measurement instrument and data recorder that adds tremendous value to your sUAS operations and services.

Vue Pro records 8-bit digital video in MJPEG or H.264 formats and 14-bit still imagery to a removable micro-SD card so you won’t lose any of your data to transmission loss. Imagery is saved to the micro-SD card and can be retrieved either from the card or by plugging the camera into a USB cable, where your computer will see it as a storage device.

Flir Vue Pro

Septentrio based PPK (Post Processed Kinematic) GPS

Post processed kinematic (PPK) is a GPS position location process whereby signals received from a mobile location receiving device stores position data that can be adjusted using corrections from a reference station after the data has been collected.

  • No communication issues (no real time correction needed)
  • The possibility to eliminate single base line solutions by doing the post processing to multiple reference stations, potentially yielding better accuracy results
  • You can process data with different processing algorithms for a check, and difficult data can many times be saved by a variety of PPK techniques

Read more about the SmartPlanes PPK from this independent review: Accuracy assessment of SmartPlanes kinematic GNSS

SmartPlanes PKK frilagd-transp

MicaSense RedEdge multispectral sensor

RedEdge is a rugged, built-to-last, professional multispectral sensor that captures specific wavebands needed for accurate plant health analysis. With various integration options, it’s also one of the most flexible solutions on the market. Additionally, high GSD, a low power requirement, and a global shutter for distortion free images make this sensor the multispectral powerhouse.



If you are flying your Freya in difficult situations, such as  strong winds, in mountainous areas, out of line of sight, or over very large areas, the Tracker is a useful safeguard against unexpected aircraft loss. It is a portable handheld receiver plus small transmitter that fits nicely into the cargo bay.

Radio Locator Kit-tracker

Ground Control Targets

A foldable Ground Control Target. Size is 100X100 cm, weight is 0,43 kg. It is made of durable plastic, white on one side, black on the other and sold in sets of 10. An useful addition to your kit and a professional reference item.

GCP, mail 5 cm

Field Mobility Kit

A backpack and a foldable stool that will make your work in remote areas comfortable.

Field mobility kit-transp

PhotoScan Professional

Agisoft PhotoScan is a stand-alone software product that performs photogrammetric processing of digital images and generates 3D spatial data. Take a look at their features here.

Product sheet

For more information, please download the Freya product sheet: Freya product sheet



Take-off weight    1.2 – 1.5 kg *

Endurance    50min – 1h 40min. *

Wind rating    13m/s **

Payload    200 – 600 gram *

Control modes    Auto,  Assisted

Failsafe    Return-to-home, Virtual fence, GPS/link/control-fail, other…

Operation    Hand launch, Skid landing, Automated takeoff, flight & landing, Assisted override modes.

Back packable

Transport box    84 x 42 x 12 cm


*   Depending on configuration and national airspace regulations

** Average wind speed at mission altitude




To us, the moment you receive your Smartplanes system is just the beginning of our relationship. We are proud to include pilot training in our offer, as well as service for your first year of flying. That includes support over the phone or via e-mail as well as repairs. Forget having to order spare parts that can be tricky to attach to your drone; during the first year, we’ll take care of all maintenance. Should you need to send your drone to us for repairs, you’ll have it back in about a week.

After the first year, we offer the option to renew the service agreement for another year. We hope that your purchase will lead to a long-lasting relationship where we can help you work more efficiently.

  • Service for a full year, including maintenance, reconditioning and repairs
  • Support over the phone or via e-mail

NEW as of April 2, 2015, is our renewed Services Agreement offering.

While we at SmartPlanes recognize that accidents happen and the end user might experience a set of events leading to a, for the UAV/UAS disastrous outcome, be it anything from accidentally slamming the car trunk or stepping on the equipment to rapid change in weather conditions, we are also very confident in the build and quality of our UAV/UAS.

In recognition of this and knowing how important the UAV/UAS is to our customers’ daily business we have decided to offer unlimited maintenance and support for those deciding to sign a new or renew their existing service agreement. This is a significant change from the earlier 8 hours of free maintenance and support included in the earlier service agreement.

The new service agreement is only valid if signed directly with SmartPlanes. Resellers may have different agreements.
Customers with the old service agreement will be offered an opportunity to upgrade their existing version at a favorable fee.

For support on Pix4D software, please visit Pix4D’s online manual:

For support on Agisoft Photoscan software, please visit Agisoft’s online manual:

Professional Services



An orthophoto, orthophotograph or orthoimage is an aerial photograph geometrically corrected (“orthorectified”) such that the scale is uniform: the photo has the same lack of distortion as a map. Unlike an uncorrected aerial photograph, an orthophotograph can be used to measure true distances, because it is an accurate representation of the Earth’s surface, having been adjusted for topographic relief, lens distortion, and camera tilt.Orthophotographs are commonly used in the creation of a Geographic Information System (GIS). Software can display the orthophoto and allow an operator to digitize or place linework, text annotations or geographic symbols (such as hospitals, schools, and fire stations). Some software can process the orthophoto and produce the linework automatically.


A digital terrain model (DTM) is a digital model or 3D representation of a terrain’s surface — commonly for a planet (including Earth), moon, or asteroid — created from terrain elevation data.

We are offering professional services in a number of fields connected to UAS assisted surveying. The services are performed through assistance by select strategic partners utilizing SmartPlanes UAVs.

With our strong presence and domain competence in aerial surveying we can be your preferred supplier of professional services. A subset of available services are described below. Feel free to contact us with further questions and to learn what other surveying services we can provide.


Photomapping involves the process of drawing a map from a photographic base. In all likelihood, computer map making, including analogue processing, will have replaced manual map making for well over 90 per cent of all maps.


Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs, especially for recovering the exact positions of surface points. Photogrammetry feeds the measurements from remote sensing and the results of imagery analysis into computational models in an attempt to successively estimate, with increasing accuracy, the actual, 3-D relative measurements within the researched field.

3D computer graphics

In 3D computer graphics, 3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of an object via specialized software. The product is called a 3D model. It can be displayed as a two-dimensional image through a process called 3D rendering or used in a computer simulation of physical phenomena.


In computer graphics, a heightmap or heightfield is a raster image used to store values, such as surface elevation data, for display in 3D computer graphics. A heightmap can be used in bump mapping to calculate where this 3D data would create shadow in a material, in displacement mapping to displace the actual geometric position of points over the textured surface, or for terrain where the heightmap is converted into a 3D mesh.


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