Applications: Survey & Mining



Survey & Mining

With our SmartOne drone you are able to quickly survey large areas with a very high precision. When you analyze the data from the flight, you can generate DSM:s and orthophotos that are accurate down to a couple of centimetres. Work such as documentation, inventory, surface exploration,
volume calculation of stockpiles and determination of removed volume can be done quickly and safely, and in almost any weather.


Launch and land anywhere you want

The SmartOne drone is easy to launch and land no matter where you are. Simply use your right or your left arm to throw the drone into the air. When the
flight is over, you have the option to make an auto landing or manually guide the drone to land in a very cramped area, even if there are obstacles like machinery, buildings or poles close by. We believe this is key for a truly versatile drone system.

Survey & Mining References



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