Applications: Forestry




Our system is regularly used for mapping forests, finding wind-thrown trees and monitoring damage from insects etc. Today, it is common practice for companies in the forestry business all over the planet to navigate through thick forests looking for piles of timber or trying to survey the area.


A view from the sky changes everything, however. With the SmartOne, more and more companies in the forestry business are discovering the benefits of using drones. They are happy to become more efficient in their work, to forget all about driving around, damaging the forest floor as they go.


Launch and land anywhere you want

The SmartOne drone is easy to launch and land no matter where you are. Simply use your right or your left arm to throw the drone into the air. When the
flight is over, you have the option to make an auto landing or manually guide the drone to land in a very cramped area, even if there are obstacles like machinery, buildings or poles close by. We believe this is key for a truly versatile drone system.

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