Applications: Agriculture




The SmartOne drone will efficiently cover large areas. That makes it an excellent tool for quickly getting an overview of crops and plantations, and for
generating terrain development plans. The specialised cameras will allow you to make high precision analysis of your crops, detect pests or stress. In case
you land where the drone is hard to find, such as in a cornfield, the special tracker included in our system will guide you to the exact location of the plane.


IR cameras give you a unique advantage

The human eye can only perceive certain wavelengths. A camera, however, is able to see far more, for example near infrared(IR). IR cameras can be used for
surveying crops and plants since chlorophyll reflects IR. A healthy plant with more chlorophyll will for example reflect more IR than an unhealthy plant,
giving you valuable information on what areas to take care of and focus on. The camera will also help you detect signs of stress, ripeness and overall development of the crop.

Innovation is a main focus for us. Right now we are developing a unique world class camera that in the future will give you even more knowledge of your crops.


Launch and land anywhere you want

The SmartOne drone is easy to launch and land no matter where you are. Simply use your right or your left arm to throw the drone into the air. When the
flight is over, you have the option to make an auto landing or manually guide the drone to land in a very cramped area, even if there are obstacles like machinery, buildings or poles close by. We believe this is key for a truly versatile drone system.

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