What will your drone work with?

A drone has to be suited for a wide spectrum of applications. Right now, SmartPlanes drones are surveying forests in Scotland, scanning crops in Sweden and monitoring savannahs in Tanzania. How will you put the drone to work?


Survey & Mining

With our SmartPlanes drone you are able to quickly survey large areas with a very high precision. When you analyze the data from the flight, you can generate DSM:s and orthophotos that are accurate down to a couple of centimetres. Work such as documentation, inventory, surface exploration, volume calculation of stockpiles and determination of removed volume can be done quickly and safely, and in almost any weather.   



The SmartPlanes drone will efficiently cover large areas. That makes it an excellent tool for quickly getting an overview of crops and plantations, and for generating terrain development plans. The specialised cameras will allow you to make high precision analysis of your crops, detect pests or stress. In case you land where the drone is hard to find, such as in a cornfield, the special tracker included in our system will guide you to the exact location of the plane.



Our system is regularly used for mapping forests, finding wind-thrown trees and monitoring damage from insects etc. Today, it is common practice for companies in the forestry business all over the planet to navigate through thick forests looking for piles of timber or trying to survey the area.

A view from the sky changes everything, however. With the SmartPlanes drone, more and more companies in the forestry business are discovering the benefits of using drones. They are happy to become more efficient in their work, to forget all about driving around, damaging the forest floor as they go.


Other Applications

The only limit to what our drones can be used for is your imagination. To help you get a better picture of the wide spectrum of fields that our drones work in we will give you some examples.



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