5 great drone blogs to follow

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5 great drone blogs to follow

Drones are unhesitantly a hot topic and there is no shortage of high-quality UAV blogs out there. At SmartPlanes we are driven by a strong passion for drones and we believe it is a must to keep track of new trends and innovations. Therefore we have prepared a list of five blogs related to drones, which we consider great sources when looking for industry related news and stories.

Whether you’re a drone professional or a novice simply learning about the growing UAV industry, we hope these blogs will provide you with inspiration, news and the tips you need in order to stay in the loop.

1. Dronelife

URL: http://dronelife.com

Dronelife is widely regarded as one of the most popular blogs in the industry. They write quality articles reporting about industry news, product releases, Youtube videos, drone stories, legal precedents – you name it!  

2. sUAS News

URL: https://www.suasnews.com

sUAS News is one of the leading news and information source for UAVs. It was originally started and collated by UAS pilots and professionals and is by many considered as  the best news resource for both small UAV enthusiasts as well as for pros.

3. Unmanned Systems Technology

URL: http://www.unmannedsystemstechnology.com

Unmanned Systems Technology (UST) provides the latest information about technological developments in the UAV sphere. This site is a great read for us who are interested in where the technology is going and what is happening. Besides providing industry news, they also aim to help pilots find suppliers of e.g. unmanned systems and software and they have a news section focusing solely on air vehicles (UAV/UAS/RPAS).

4. Droneblog

URL: http://droneblog.com

Looking for a great place to catch up on everything drone- and UAV-related? Visit the Droneblog! They feature a wide spectrum of topics and they bring on multiple writers to provide different views and advice. They also welcome contributors, so if you have something to share with the audience, this could be your five minutes of fame.

5. UAV Coach

URL: https://uavcoach.com

The UAV Coach blog hosts everything from industry news to product reviews and guides, covering topics such as drone laws, insurance, how to get certified, and even how to fly. Thanks to the engaging community forums, it has quickly grown into one of the most popular drone communities online (with more than 35,000 drone enthusiasts – just like you and me!)

It might be worth saying that this list is not ordered – all blogs are interesting in their own unique way. And also, it is definitely not complete. If you have a favorite place to go when it comes to drone-related news and articles online, feel free to post a comment and let us know!

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